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GCFM Awards List

Club of Distinction

This award has been established to recognize club accomplishments in all areas of garden club activities during the award year. Clubs with a total of 100 points or more will receive a Club of Distinction certificate. Clubs with a total of 150 points or more will receive a Club of Distinction Award with a silver seal. The club with the highest number of points will receive a Club of Distinction certificate with a gold seal. Complete GCFM Club of Distinction Rating Form. Electronic submission only by April 1.

Civic Development

The Kathleen Marty Award for Civic Development

A Certificate will be presented to each club submitting Civic Development projects to the Civic Development Chair and to the Awards Chair before April 1 of each year. Clubs must have established or maintained public plantings. To be considered for the Award, the club must complete the GCFM Award Application Form on the GCFM website. The GCFM Application Form should be completed by April 1. Awards will be given by club size: Small, Medium, Large and X-Large.

Projects must beautify public or civic sites in the area served by the club. Projects must be completed between January 1 and December 31 of the previous year. The State may submit one project for the NER Civic Development Award. To be considered for NER award the application must meet NER standards: (Regional Awards standards are listed on the NER website)

Scale of points

(neat, concise—three pages—
application counts as one page) electronic
(scope of project)
(size of club, number of members involved)
(photos, newspaper articles, landscape designs—
two photos or several grouped on one page)

100 points total

Conservation and Environmental

A certificate may be given annually for an outstanding project furthering environmental interests. Complete GCFM Application form through the GCFM Website.

Garden Therapy

The Stephanie Ann Smith Traveling Trophy for Garden Therapy may be awarded annually to the club with the best active garden therapy program, based upon the club report, publicity and photography. Complete the GCFM Application Form by April 1.

Historic Preservation/Restoration

The Longfellow Pitcher for Preservation of Beauty may be awarded annually to a club or clubs for an historic restoration project such as the restoration of a park, a building and/or a garden of importance to the heritage of a particular locality in the state. GCFM Application submitted through the GCFM website.


  1. The Gloria Bryson Burrill Tree planting award of $25 may be awarded annually to a garden club for the most outstanding tree planting project. Emphasis on low maintenance, quality trees suited to local climate and environmental conditions. The project may be started at any time but must be completed within the award year in which the application is made. Money for award to be donated by Gloria Bryson Burrill each year. Complete the electronic GCFM Application form. Deadline is April 1.
  2. The Stella J. Dearborn Award is awarded for the best all-around GCFM gardener. Donor to provide Award.  Winner’s name to be engraved on plaque kept by GCFM President.
    GCFM Application to be:
    • No more than three pages with photographs.
    • Does owner have professional help of any kind; types and sizes of gardens; location of garden (USPS address). Application to be completed by club award chairman or garden club president as assurance that the gardens are as described and that the owner is a club member.
    • Include garden plan/design. Not necessary to include all plant cultivars grown.
    • Application is based on garden for previous year.
    • Points to be awarded for the following:
    Growing of fruit trees or bushes
    Growing of vegetables
    Growing of berries
    Growing or perennials
    Growing of annuals
    Growing without pesticides
    Compost pile/bins

    100 points total
  3. Helena E. Goff Traveling Trophy may be awarded annually to a club providing the most comprehensive horticultural education program designed for its membership (i.e., award is for programs designed for the membership—not projects performed by the membership). The recipient is determined by the GCFM State Awards Chairman and the Yearbook Chairmen based on club information contained in the club’s yearbooks. No club is eligible to receive the trophy two years in a row. No Book of Evidence or application required.


    A. At least 2/3 of club’s programs devoted to horticultural education: workshops, lectures, demonstrations, slides, tours, horticultural show preparation, plant sales, etc.

    B. Minimum of two programs involving member participation (workshops).

  4. Gladys Harris Traveling Trophy may be awarded in the odd-numbered years to a club having accomplished the most notable work in horticulture during the preceding two years. Any activity involving horticulture is eligible for consideration. For more information contact GCFM Horticulture Chairman.

Membership Award (Note Award year is March - March)

The Norine S. Veal New Members Award will be awarded annually to the club with the most new members. In case of a tie each club will receive certificates. GCFM Application should list new club members and the date they joined the club between March 1 of last year to March 1 this year. Deadline is April 1.


The Thomas G. Atwell Award may be awarded for the best publicity dealing with GCFM objectives. A district, individual club or group of clubs may apply. Complete GCFM Application by April 1.


  • May be as little as one clipping or one video tape (copies permissible)
  • Include copies of original material sent to publicity source (contact letter)
  • Applications will include information on publicity for previous year

Scale of points

Quality of publicity
(depth and knowledge shown in coverage)
Unusual aspect of publicity
Stressing GCFM and membership in a garden club
Stressing NGC objectives
Contact person’s name, address and telephone number

100 points total


Yearbooks must be given to the GCFM Yearbook Chairman before the November 1 deadline.

Awards for garden club yearbooks are given in seven categories:

  1. Clubs under 20 members
  2. Clubs of 20-29 members
  3. Clubs of 30-44 members
  4. Clubs of 45-69 members
  5. Clubs of 70-99 members
  6. Clubs of 100-300 members
  7. Clubs of 300 or more members

Certificates may be awarded for first, second, third and honorable mention winners in each category. Yearbooks should conform to the format outlined by the NGC point system for grading. Refer to NGC Website for more information.

Publicity Press Book

Certificates may be awarded to winning applications exhibiting quality, quantity and diversity of coverage in the print media promoting garden clubs and NGC goals and objectives.

Deadline: GCFM Awards Chairman by January 15; first place winner in each category sent (by GCFM Awards Chairman) to NER Awards Chairman by February 17. NER then forwards on first place press books in each category to NGC for consideration of national award.


NGC Application Form (2 copies) with required information attached to inside front cover; second form clipped to outside of book.


A. Single-member club
i. Small club – under 29 members
ii. Medium club – 30-59 members
iii. Large club – 60-99 members
iv. Ex-large club – 100 or more members
B. Group of member clubs, councils, districts
C. National affiliated garden center

Requirements for preparing Publicity Press Book

  1. Label on outside cover (plain color, no photo): name and name of NGC Award, category, name of club(s), city and state.
  2. Submit in report cover or folder, 8½ x 11" or 9 x 12". No heavy scrapbooks or oversized portfolios. No limit on number of pages. Plastic page protectors may be used.
  3. Material must consist of any of the following: newspaper, magazine, newsletter, notices or flyers for one-time event, or any printed publication clippings with the name and date of publication over each article. Clear photocopies are permitted; reduced photocopies of large or lengthy articles are permitted. Downloading of published newspaper articles from the Internet is permitted.
  4. No page numbering or Table of Contents needed. Affix contents in chronological order January 1 through December 31.
  5. Clippings evenly cut. No loose clippings permitted.
  6. Each published item must contain the name of organization and/or individual/s identified as a member of the organization. Underline the first use of name of organization and/or member in each article.
  7. Articles should include who, what, when, where, etc. where applicable; publicity should relate to organization’s or individual’s projects and/or activities; promotion of NGC objectives and goals.

Scale of points

meets all requirements; neat
articles well written; publicity related to projects and/or activities
articles for each month, use of varied publications and media
local, council, district, state, national, other

100 points total

Youth Awards

  1. Certificates of Merit: may be awarded annually to Junior, Intermediate and High School Gardeners who have been more successful in promoting all phases of garden club work.
  2. Marion Watson Davis Award: a certificate may be awarded annually to an individual or a club for outstanding work in a Junior and/or Intermediate Garden Club sponsored by a member garden club.
  3. Environmental Awards: certificates may be awarded annually for worthy projects by Junior, Intermediate or High School garden clubs sponsored by a member garden club.
  4. High School Essay Awards: awarded by NGC only. (Refer to NGC Essay contest on the NGC Website. Deadline: December 1.
  5. Junior, Intermediate and High School Gardener’s Award: a certificate may be awarded annually to Junior, Intermediate or High School Gardeners for an outstanding project. Application to GCFM Youth Activities Chairman.
  6. Phyllis C. Lewis Traveling Trophy: may be awarded annually to the GCFM club that develops the best program for children to promote interest in any facet of nature, horticulture or conservation.
  7. Muriel Soule Junior Conservation Award: a certificate may be awarded annually for an outstanding conservation project by a youth group.
  8. The Thompson-Lyford Youth Award: may be awarded annually to a Junior Garden Club for the best community related project. A certificate and cash award (not less than $25.00) will be awarded.


Junior Garden Club to work with the local sponsoring garden club to plant, design and implement a project that has benefit and merit to the community in which the club is located.

Scale of points

Application presentation
Participation of junior club members
Participation of sponsoring club members
Merit/benefit to community

100 points total

Complete GCFM Application Form through the GCFM Website.


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