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How to submit information to the GCFM Website

General Information
Contact the chairman for the topic you have material you would like to submit. For more information contact the Content Manager.

Club Information
 Each Garden Club shall pay an annual fee of $25.00 to submit information. The website fee is paid yearly by August 1st.  These website fees will be used to help maintain the GCFM website.  If a club has an existing website of its own, a link to that club’s website can be done through the Club's Tab.  Club website should have a link back to the GCFM website. 

District Information
Districts must pay an annual fee to submit information. The current annual fee is $25 per district payable yearly by August 1st.  Please nominate one spokesperson from your district to submit information and updates to the Content Manager.

What format should be sent? 
Any format is fine. The Content Manager will be happy to discuss forms of submission and your page options with you.

My information is outdated. What do I do?
Let the Content Manager know which information you would like removed from the page.

How to submit information to the GCFM Electronic Newsletter

Submit your articles, reports or advertisements by the deadline to the newsletter editor at

For advertiser rate information contact

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