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Club Name Evergreen Garden Club
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Club Information The Evergreen Garden Club held its first meeting on December 12, 1956 and Capt. Walter Scott was elected club president. The club was federated on February 13,1957.

Since then, the garden club has established and maintained gardens throughout Deer Isle and Stonington. Each year we raise funds by holding a Plant Sale, selling plants we dig up from our own gardens, and organizing a Garden Tour, giving island gardeners a chance to see what other nature lovers are doing in their gardens. We meet once a month (except in January and February) in the Deer Isle Town Hall.

Club Programs Invasive Plants
Presented by Marjorie Peronto, UM Coop Extension Educator.

Friday, October 18, 2019 at 4 PM – 5:30 PM. Toni Griskivich’s home (public invited, more information in October)

How to identify, tame or get rid of invasive plants whether they are “volunteers” from the forest or visiting birds, or ones you purchased. Are there effective, non-chemical ways to rid your garden of these annoying plants? Come with your questions, examples of invasive plants that have given you gardening headaches.

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