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Promote, Preserve, Protect…

The Garden Club Federation of Maine has been a champion of the environment since it was founded in the 1930’s. Through the years we’ve encouraged our members to become what we refer to as stewards of the land. Within our communities, members are practicing good environmental habits and encouraging others in our towns and cities to adopt policies that protect our vital natural resources.

Many of our members come from small towns where protection of vital things like the water supply is a top priority. Unlike major cities, these rural areas depend on clean drinking water from underground aquifers. Private wells and septic tanks are a way of life. Clean air is a priority, especially for those who suffer with a respiratory illness. Protecting the land and wildlife are vital to the economy of our State as we depend on tourism for a significant portion of our revenue.

With these things in mind, here’s just a sample of activities you can adopt to help protect our environment:

  • Eliminate plants that are invasive in Maine
  • Use a rain barrel to collect runoff from your gutters to use in the garden
  • Consider putting in a rain garden
  • Use a mulching mower if you have a lawn
  • Gas-powered mowers add pollutants to the air—can you switch to electric?
  • Use a rake instead of a gas-powered leaf blower or switch to electric if you must use one
  • Use pine needles and shredded leaves as mulch
  • Start a compost pile of appropriate household waste, grass clippings and leaves
  • Eliminate the use of plastic bags by investing in recyclable bags
  • Take used ink cartridges to your local office supply store for a credit on future purchases of ink
  • Have your garden soil tested on a regular basis and only add the appropriate amounts of soil amendments as recommended
  • Avoid using your local recycling center or trash pick-up as a way to unload unwanted items! You can recycle many things instead of throwing them away (ex. used batteries, packing peanuts, aluminum cans, newspapers and magazines, clothing that could go to a charity)
  • Organize a neighborhood yard sale to recycle items you no longer find necessary but someone else might consider a "treasure”!

Together we can make a difference!

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