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Habitat for Humanity

The Garden Club Federation of Maine (GCFM) endeavors to work with other philanthropic organizations if there’s a project whose goals promote civic and environmental responsibility. One such group that the GCFM has partnered with is Habitat for Humanity.

As a community outreach project, the GCFM has provided assistance to our local Habitat affiliates in the form of small grants of money to assist with the purchase of landscape material that will promote low-maintenance, environmentally friendly gardens. This community outreach program also extends to our National Garden Clubs, Inc. parent group.

Each year we encourage our member clubs to contribute to a fund, administered by the GCFM, from which a yearly grant is made to a deserving local Habitat affiliate. This money is then designated to help with the landscaping portion of a home project under construction. In addition, many of our individual clubs also volunteer at local Habitat job sites helping to plant new shrubs and plant material. Many clubs also make their own monetary contributions to their local Habitat affiliates.

To learn more about our Community Outreach or to see how you can help, contact us at

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