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Nancy Hargroves, the new NGC President, has selected Plant America as her signature project.  Plant America is a large canvas that covers all aspects of gardening, horticulture, garden design and community service.  She is of the belief that most people join garden clubs to share the gardening experience and learn about gardening.

With this in mind, and the New England Garden Clubs' theme of NEGC Plants for Everyone, GCFM President Judith Tarbox's project is Plant Maine -- Sustainable Home Gardening.  Her focus is on native plants and wildflowers in small home gardens that provide a natural landscape that is friendly to local pollinators.  The use of native plants and wildflowers provides a nearly weed-free environment and is in consonance with the local habitat.  There is still ample opportunity to blend exotics to bring additional depth and color to the design of the garden.  Sustainable gardens are usually disease resistant and ecologically sound.  She is planning symposia and other educational opportunities for all of us, young and old, novice or experienced, to be better caretakers of our beautiful State.


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